• Roneisha Ellis - I AM KOURAGEOUS

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    Roneisha Ellis - I AM KOURAGEOUS
    God has for me is for me and if it not pharmacy I’m okay with that because I trust him and the process. I am inspired, happy, free, joyful, but most of all KOURAGEOUS and I owe it all to God. Thank you.
  • Kourtney Tashai - I AM Kourageous

    Kourtney Tashai - I AM Kourageous
    I am KOURAGEOUS because I define “me” and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I write my story in bold with a sharpie and I am not afraid to scratch out my mistakes
  • I AM Kourageous. What Makes You Kourageous?

    EMAIL What Makes You Kourageous and/or Your Definition of Kourageous to Shopkourageous@gmail.com to be Featured on our Website's Blog Segment. We Will be Posting Kourageous Stories Weekly to Empower and Encourage other Kourageous Women.   (Include your name, short-story, & photo)
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