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I AM Kourageous.

Roneisha Ellis - I AM KOURAGEOUS

by Mikayla Jones 27 Oct 2017 1 comment
I AM Kourageous
In life you will face a lot of challenges that some may believe is problems. Years ago, I realized God doesn’t give problems. He challenges you to strive to be the best you can be, we all was put on earth for a purpose. Although we may not know our purpose we all have one. When I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to go to college and become a pharmacist. I knew I would graduate but I didn’t know I wouldn’t graduate without my degree in Pharm D. My biggest fear throughout college was disappointing my parents. I knew that I represented them and they expected so much of me. I experienced many sleepless nights, cried many tears, and struggled severely with Chemistry. Then I realized changing my major was the best option not knowing how I would break the news to my parents. I was depressed for so long because becoming a pharmacist was my dream career. I began to think realistically maybe God have a different career plan for me. I changed my major to Pre-Physical Therapy and instantly my college experience became the one I always wished for. My grades improved and began to feel free. I graduate August 5, 2016 and my parents was beyond proud of me. I was proud of my accomplishments and I had a plan. My plan was to take the three classes I needed to apply to pharmacy school and go for my dream career. However, life after college isn’t peaches and cream although life is a bowl of cherries. For a year I tried figuring out every way to go back and pay for classes out of pocket and manage my bills. I thought of everything possible and nothing was falling into place. I then decided it was best I moved home. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. Most people who want something good out of life don’t want to go back once they leave. Don’t get me wrong I love my city because that where I’m from, but I don’t see myself progressing there. I ended up back home for exactly 3 weeks and I decided I must go. I had absolutely no clue how I was going to do it but I was going to do it and I knew I was going to do it there. I always tell myself “Walk by faith not by sight” 2Corthians 5:7. For the first time I decided to do just that. I gave all my faith to God and trusted the process. I had spoken to my uncle a few months before and informed him how depressed I was becoming trying to figure out life after college. He offered me to move to Virginia. I told him I would come but it would be no time soon. I began to start negatively thinking I wasted my time going to college etc. Then I had to realize I accomplished something that will benefit me for the rest of my life but most of all I made my parents proud. After being in Jacksonville for only three weeks with a job working as a home health aide I knew I was cheating myself because I have a bachelor’s degree. Wednesday August 23, 2017 my job called and took me off my case. Although I still had a job I was without work. Instantly my first thought was “GIRL LEAVE”. I was so upset with my job taking me off my case because although I was back home I still had bills. I told my mother if I was going to be in Jacksonville not working I could be in Virginia. Literally 30 minutes after my job called me my uncle called. I asked him if my mother had contacted him about my job taking me off my case he said “No”. I instantly knew that was a sign from God to trust the process. That Wednesday I began packing and I was on the road Friday. At that very moment I was KOURAGEOUS. My first week in Virginia was pretty depressing. I went two days without drinking or eating anything. Knowing I was miles away from my family and friends with no one to even go walk the park with was unrealistic to me. Threw that process I kept faith I applied to jobs, updated my resume, and had three interviews within my first week. Nothing but God. I was hired within my first week in a half being in Virginia. My life is so different now that I’m in Virginia. I now know being alone isn’t so bad and you have to put yourself first in every situation. I had some people doubt me and my decision on moving. Those people are not for me. Sometimes it takes for you to make life time decisions to see these things. This is only the beginning. I have not yet given up on my dream as becoming a pharmacist. I still plan to go back to school and pursue my dream. God may have delayed my dream career but I trust his timing because I know its always right. Who know he may have something better for me although I pray its pharmacy. Whatever, God has for me is for me and if it not pharmacy I’m okay with that because I trust him and the process. I am inspired, happy, free, joyful, but most of all KOURAGEOUS and I owe it all to God. Thank you.
_Roneisha Ellis
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1 comment

29 Oct 2017 BRett ROberts

GOD IS GOOD AND ONLY GOOD THE GOD IS IN YOU!!!! Keep believing and trusting in yourself YOU GOT IT ????

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